hese illustrious islands found in the south pacific ocean off the coast of australia and new zealand, is a much sought-after holiday destination due to its incredible scenery, beaches and mountain ranges. that’s for those who can find it though… it’s believed that only those who seek it with a true heart, with clear intentions, can find it (which might account for its almost non-existent crime rate.) it’s unknown why some claim they cannot find these mysterious islands (which, quite fittingly has been compared to the “lost city of atlantis”), some think it’s the angle by which the sun sometimes hits the waves, some say it’s “magically hidden”.  it's even rumoured by some to be "a peek into an alternate universe, through a gateway that exists for those who're "meant to find it"...... that’s why some travellers claim to “miss it”, and why some say it’s only a “myth”. those who claim to have been there though, are adamant that it’s very real, and stories abound about this “liberal utopia” which have been called “the closest thing to heaven!”
the blue islands (B.I.) is home to a wide variety of cultures – rich in its diversity. a place with no monetary system, it's a place where the freedom to pursue one's dreams, is central in the realisation of a world where everyone is just that - one.
this site is my dedication, a celebration of music - old and new.  it shows what’s considered "hot” on these eclectic islands, as depicted through the famous blue-box charts – the only official music charts of the blue islands.