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From Popmaster
post time 2003-12-02 00:17:24
UK New Release Schedule:

December 1

Agnelli & Nelson - Holding On To Nothing
Blu Cantrell featuring Ian Lewis - Make Me Wanna Scream
Daniel O'Donnell - You Raise Me Up
Delta Goodrem - Not Me, Not I/Happy Xmas (Let The War Be Over)
Dido - Life For Rent
D-Side - Real World
Evan Dando - It Looks Like You
Four Poofs And A Piano - Camp Up Your Christmas
Gareth Gates - Say It Isn't So
Gus Gus - Desire
Headway - Vital Signs
John The White Rapper - Put Your Hands Up
Katie Melua - The Closest Thing To Crazy
Koreans - How Does It Feel
Muse - Hysteria
Nelly - Iz U
Noddy - Make Way For Noddy!
Puddle Of Mudd - Away From Me
Seachange - Glitterball
Selfish C**t - Britain Is Shit/F**k The Poor Horseglue
Simply Red - You Make Me Feel Brand New
The Beautiful South - Let Go With The Flow
The Black Eyed Peas - Shut Up
The Rapture - Sister Saviour
Wow Café - Betty Shorts Smile

December 8

Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name
Belasco - 15 Seconds
Big Brovaz - Ain't What You Do
Buffseeds - Sparkle Me
Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within
Client - Here And Now
Cliff Richard - Santa's List
David Bowie - Never Get Old/Waterloo Sunset
Evanescence - My Immortal
Fall - (We Wish You) A Protein Christmas
Finger Eleven - Good Times
Good Charlotte - Hold On/The Young And The Hopeless
Great Depression - Sargasso Sea
Houston 500 - Queen Of The Crackwhores
John Lennon - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Kathy Brown - Never Again
Kill Kenada - Red And Black
KoRn - Right Now
Madonna - Love Profusion
Moutain Goats - Palmcorder Yajna
My Chemical Romance - Honey This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us
Nelly Furtado - Powerless (Say What You Want)
Ozzy & Kelly Osbourne - Changes
Pretty Girls Make Graves - All Medicated Geniuses
Punk Aid - Ere's Your Xmas
Rachel Stevens - Funky Dory
Raveonettes - Heartbreak Stroll
Ryan Adams - Love Is Hell
Servant - Orchestra
Sting featuring Mary J Blige - Whenever I Say Your Name
Texas - I'll See It Through
The Cheeky Girls - Have A Cheeky Christmas
The Lost Brothers - Cry Little Sister (I Need U Now)
The Mountain Goats - Palmcorder Yajna
Young Circle - Vive les enfants d'amour
Yuppie Flu - Food For The Ants

December 15

Atomic Kitten featuring Kool & The Gang - Ladies' Night
Avid Merrion - Proper Crim-bo!
Basil Brush - Boom Boom!
Billy Mack - Christmas Is All Around
Blue featuring Stevie Wonder & Angie Stone - Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
Different Darkness - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Darkness
DMX - Get On The Floor
Erin Rocha - Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong
Fast Food Rockers - I Love Christmas
G-Unit - Stunt 101
Joe Strummer - Redemption Song/Arms Aloft
Justin Timberlake - I'm Lovin' It
Kujay Dada - Young Hearts
Lisa Maffia - Women Of The World
Mew - She Came Home For Christmas/That Time On The Ledge
Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules - Mad World
Nightlife - Shining Star
Partyboys - Build Me Up Buttercup
Sugababes - Too Lost In You
The Darkness - Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End)
The Idols - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Travis - The Beautiful Occupation
Turbonegro - Sell Your Body
Ultrabeat - Feeling Fine
Young Punx - Got Your Number
Wyclef Jean featuring Missy Elliot - Party To Damascus

December 29

Alistair Griffin - Bring It On/Lover's Prayer
CJ Stone - Don't Look Back
Craig David - You Don't Miss Your Water
Jaydee - Plastic Dreams
Ocean Colour Scene - Golden Gate Bridge
S Club 8 - Don’t Tell Me You’re Sorry
Sophie Ellis Bextor - I Won't Change You
Stacie Orrico - I Promise
Victoria Beckham - Let Your Head Go/This Groove

January 5

Basement Jaxx featuring Lisa Kekaula - Good Luck
Beyoncé - Me, Myself And I
Fight Club - Spread Love
Flip & Fill featuring Junior - Irish Blue
Kelis - Milkshake
Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father
Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes
NG3 - Holler
Peaches featuring Iggy Pop - Kick It
Pop Idol Winner - TBA
REM - Animal
Scott Brown - I Would Stay
Sean Paul featuring Sasha - I'm Still In Love With You
So Solid Crew - So Grimy

January 12

2-Play - So Confused
Air - Cherry Blossom Girl
Alex Gold - Electric Places
Amy Studt - All I Wanna Do
Damien Rice - Volcano
Finley Quaye - Something To Say
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
HIM - Funeral Of Hearts
Jimmy Edgar - Access Rhythm
Liberty X - Everybody Cries
Metallica - The Unnamed Feeling
The Strokes - Reptilia
Zutons - Pressure Point

January 19

Abs - 7 Ways
DJ Casper - Cha Cha Slide
Fountains Of Wayne - Stacey's Mum
JC Chasez featuring Dirt McGirt - Some Girls
Lorna - Papi Chulo... Te Traigo El Mmmm
Mr On vs. Jungle Brothers - Breathe Don't Stop
Offspring - Hit That
Pet Shop Boys - Flamboyant
Pink - God Is A DJ
Razorlight - Stumble And Fall
Ryan Adams - So Alive
Tender Trap - ¿Cómo Te Llamas? (Tell Me Your Name)
The Bandits - The Warning

January 26

Blazin' Squad - Here For One
C & C Music Factory - Sweat
Clea - Stuck In The Middle
Courtney Love - Mono
DJ Pezario vs. UB40 - Food For Thought
Emma - I'll Be There
Hundred Reasons - What You Get
Jaimeson - Take Control
Joss Stone - Fell In Love With A Boy
LMC vs. U2 - Take Me To The Clouds Above
Lostprophets - Last Train Home
Louise - Never Again
Snow Patrol - Run
Summer Matthews - Little Miss Perfect
Tim Deluxe - Mundaya
Von Bondies - C'mon C'mon

February 2

Busted - Air Hostess
Calvin Richardson - I've Got To Move
Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock
Hilary Duff - Why Not?
Holly James - Touch It
Longview - Still
The Distillers - Hunger
Triple Eight - You And I

February 9

Alex Parks - Cry
Armin Van Buuren - Blue Fear/Burned With Desire
Despina Vandi - Gia
Fatman Scoop - It Takes Two
Holly Valance - Desire
John Mayer - Bigger Than My Body
Outkast - The Way You Move

February 16

Junior Senior - Coconuts
The Stills - Lola Stars And Stripes

February 23

Jamelia - Thank You

Replied by Webmaster
Post time: 2003-12-02 08:25:05
Thanx Popmaster

Yeah, quite interesting how releases in the UK get changed (not just the titles, but also the dates) and cancelled. Quite an onslaught of "Christmas" singles, isn't it?

Replied by McMarvyn
Post time: 2003-12-02 10:14:24
Webmaster wrote:
"Quite an onslaught of "Christmas" singles, isn't it?"

True. A little advice to everyone out there - AVOID The Fast Food Rockers & Cheeky Girls (unless you are a huge fan)! These are crap beyond anyone's imagination, especially FFR, which sounds like it was recorded in a poorly set-up'd home studio somewhere in Mexico.

Instead, head straight for Delta & The Idols' versions of Happy Xmas (War Is Over) - both are superb, the latter only for Susanne Manning's fabulous contribution. (And, to think she bowed out of the Idol-race on Saturday, to make way for the Gareth look- & sound-a-likes - apart from Michelle who has one the worst singing voices I've heard [well... erm, since Gareth] and is there only because the judges & public feel bad about the way they treated Rik Waller last year).

Expect three versions of Happy Xmas (War Is Over) in the UK Charts soon as the original John Lennon will also be released, and gets heavily promo'ed as we speak.


From Rohan
post time 2003-11-29 22:40:46
Their latest smash hit comes with a GREAT video... so if you haven't seen the new "Miracles" by the Pet Shop Boys yet... you're in for a treat! (just wait for a few seconds - it should start automatically...)

standby="Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components..."

SRC="" WIDTH=320 HEIGHT=285 name="MediaPlayer1" AutoStart=true showstatusbar="1">

Replied by Webmaster
Post time: 2003-12-02 08:44:49
Truly inspiring and uplifting lyrics... has anyone ever made you feel like these lyrics describe?

Miracles - Pet Shop Boys

Clouds drift away
when they see you
Rain wouldn't dare
to fall near you here
Miracles happen
when you're around
Somehow the grass is much greener
Rivers flow faster and cleaner
Being with you
no matter where
sunlight breaks through
and suddenly there's

A bluer sky
whenever you're around
You always bring
a bluer sky
a brighter day

Thunder is silent before you
Roses bloom more to adore you too
Miracles happen
when you're around
The sunset is deeper and longer
The scent of the jasmine is stronger
Stray dogs don't bite
Birds start to sing
Lightening daren't strike
You suddenly bring

A bluer sky
whenever you're around
You always bring
a bluer sky
a brighter day
Birds fly
even higher in the sky
Sun shines
It's a new day


From Rohan
post time 2003-12-01 09:31:19
In the UK charts this week... Congrats to Will Young on his new #1 single "Leave Right Now", beating Shane Richie at 2 with the Wham! classic "I'm Your Man" (Wham!'s was better, wasn't it?)
Michael Jackson has a new entry at 5 with "One More Chance" and No Doubt unfortunately only makes #20...

At least Pet Shop Boys make the Top 30 this week on the Album charts... and Enrique's new one is in at #13... Congrats to Alex Parks on her Top 5 placing.
Ronan's fortunes continue to flounder on both charts...

Worst news of the week is Room 5's low chart position at 38... (can u see the sarcasm in my eyes?... )

Replied by CharlesX
Post time: 2003-12-01 15:54:06
Yeah - must say I'm glad for Alex Parks... both the single and the album seem to be doing well... just hope the album doesn't fade too quickly after the first week! (which too easily seems to be the trend these days... she's great - hope she lasts!)

Replied by Popmaster
Post time: 2003-12-01 23:28:00
What a close race it was for No. 1 (and very well summed-up by James Masterton on his Chart Comment) - Will eventually sold 124K, and Shane Richie 120K.

Will should be No.1 for a second week, as there is hardly any competition among the New Releases this week - the highest New Entries are expected from Blu Cantrell & BEP.

I am also very happy for Alex Parks (she truly has a fantastic voice) considering the album was a "rush-release" filled with covers she performed during Fame Academy. There is, however, five songs on the album written by Alex (including "Maybe That's What It Takes", and "Cry", the next single), and these showcase her wonderful talent as a song-writer.


From Webmaster
post time 2003-12-01 16:15:29
The current No. 1 single on Blue-Box... if maybe you weren't exactly sure WHAT Gwen was singing, here are the lyrics!

"It's My Life"

Funny how I find myself in love with you
If I could buy my reasoning I'd pay to lose
One half won't do
I've asked myself
How much do you commit yourself?

It's my life (Don't you forget)

Funny how I blind myself
I never knew if I was sometimes played upon
Afraid to lose, I'd tell myself what good you do
Convince myself

It's my life

How much do you commit yourself?

It's my life
Don't you forget
Caught in the crowd
It's my life


From Webmaster
post time 2003-11-21 17:46:08
The new No Doubt video is a MUST-SEE! Covering the Talk Talk classic "It's My Life", they've breathed new life into this song - no wonder they're gaining in airplay and sales on the Blue Islands! And Gwen Stefani looks uncannily like Madonna (or is that Marilyn?)
Click on the pic below to see what the fuss is about!

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2003-11-29 21:57:12
Yeah - what a great video! I understand the Nominations for this year's Blue Glove Awards will be announced SOON! "It's My Life" is bound to feature somewhere, I'm sure - so keep a lookout for that!


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