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From Webmaster
post time 2003-11-16 09:40:14
The new Enrique Iglesias single to be released soon - "Addicted", is HOT! See the video by clicking on the picture!

Replied by Popmaster
Post time: 2003-11-18 11:41:39
Yes, it's a good video.
The Enrique single is out this week, as well as Westlife, Girls Aloud & Alex Parks. Another tough battle for UK #1.
I predict:
1. Alex Parks
2. Westlife
4. Girls Aloud
6. Enrique
Will send this week's midweeks tomorrow when they become available. I would really like to see Alex Parks at #1 - it is such a good song!

BTW, interesting chart fact:
First week sales-
Busted - 55,033
Britney & Madonna - 48,751

Kylie's first week sales 2 weeks ago 41,434
Lylie last week: 18,088

Replied by CharlesX
Post time: 2003-11-18 22:57:14
Yeah - that IS interesting! Britney & Madonna should have released their single a week earlier!


From Fonda Cox
post time 2003-11-11 22:48:29
Westlife is releasing yet another cover version as their follow-up sinle to Mandy. This time it's Mr. Big's - Be With You (out in March).
Someone please stop them!

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2003-11-13 09:50:40
Agreed! With all the money they have, and all the talented songwriters out there, why don't they pay for some decent, original songs? Makes one wonder what's to become of Westlife?

Replied by Popmaster
Post time: 2003-11-15 22:40:15
Have just heard the Westlife version of "Be With You" and it's rather fabulous! In fact - the whole new album is suprisingly good!

Replied by Webmaster
Post time: 2003-11-15 23:11:56
Well - surprise, surprise!


From Boertjie
post time 2003-11-13 21:20:58
Die Boer se roer is weer op "force majeure"! Dankie grote President, ek is vir eers op 'n ekskursie na die Stroom by die Pot, sal Dinsdag weer aantree vir aktiewe diens!

Kevin, enjoy your week-end, and I think it is time that you start learning to speak the "unofficial BI Language" - Afrikaans! Lekker voete stamp, ask Rohan what that means, he will be able to tell you!!

Die Boer

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2003-11-14 00:05:55
Geniet Potch!

Replied by Kevin
Post time: 2003-11-15 22:34:42
Hi Die Boer,
Actually I have learned some Afrikaans from Rohan. Just he is too lazy to teach me more.


From Webmaster
post time 2003-11-14 10:34:53
OK - the new Pet Shop Boys single "Miracles" is absolutely fabulous, but predictions as to how it'll fare on the charts in the UK?

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2003-11-14 17:43:10
okay slowcoaches... let me take the lead... "Miracles" will definitely make the Top 20 in the UK, and probably the Top 15, though I predict #10... especially since it's a return for them to their more electronic / dance -sound...

Replied by CharlesX
Post time: 2003-11-15 08:40:08
Yeah - one of their better songs in recent years... I predict #13!

Replied by McMarvyn
Post time: 2003-11-15 09:26:40
It will be a Top 20 hit - no doubt - maybe even Top 10.
Although snubbed by UK Radio1 (not playlisted at all) - it's A-listed on Radio2, which actually has more listeners, & the songs gets played almost 4 times daily.

It will featue on the HITS 57 compilation (very very popular) which will be released the same day as the single. So, only the die-hard fans, and those strapped-for-cash will be buying the single. Bit of a stupid move by the record company to allow the song to feature on a Hits compilation this early.


From Boetjie
post time 2003-11-12 17:08:17
Hi there all you music driven BI surfers! I agree with Mam Fonda, it is very sad that Westlife are making it big time on cover versions! Oh well, I guess nothing is new nowadays! Anyway - you guys must keep on surfing the waves and I'll pop around every once in a while to see if you can keep me up to speed with the what's what in the world of POP.

Ou Kakie kommandant Rooi Jan, Ridder van die suid Asiatiese kusstreke, jy moet lekker wees en nie meer vir die Groot Meester op hoogte hou van jou sake nie. Ek sal vir jou straf drils moet reŽl as dit so aanhou. Maak so gou moontlik kontak met die Hoof Kokelorus by die ondergrondse kommando in ruspe put!

Die Boer.

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2003-11-13 09:52:35
you've got mail...


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