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From Rohan
post time 2004-01-11 21:58:03
Excitement brewing here on the Blue Islands... not many big new releases this month - except for one definite one... Sophie Zelmani's "Love Affair"!
Already #2 in Sweden, it's to be released in the coming days on the B.I. ...
First single "To Know You" is already getting massive airplay, and after the recent HUGE success of her previous projects (see Discography section!) - this might well turn out to be another Sophie Zelmani year!


From Rohan
post time 2004-01-10 11:55:02
So what's playing in your room at the moment?

Mine: "I'll See It Through" by Texas...

Replied by CharlesX
Post time: 2004-01-10 21:21:40
"Shut Up" by Black Eyed Peas...

Replied by Stephen
Post time: 2004-01-10 21:51:45
Mmm... The Darkness.... "Growing on me!"

Replied by Popmaster
Post time: 2004-01-11 17:51:04
Erasure - Take A Chance On Me

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2004-01-11 19:23:54
"To Know You" - Sophie Zelmani!!

Replied by Stephen
Post time: 2004-01-11 20:48:28
Tomorrow never dies by Sheryl Crow

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2004-01-11 21:40:38
Lisa Miskovsky... "Lady Stardust" - beautiful!


From Rudie
post time 2004-01-09 12:27:58
I guess we'll call this "The Roxette Page!"


From Rohan
post time 2004-01-07 08:45:19
To DrewL: to answer your question about Roxette:

Yes, they are still active - they are just taking a break.
In 2003 they released the album "The Pop Hits" and the single "Opportunity Nox". This was shortly after the tragic news at the end of 2002 that singer Marie Fredriksson had brain cancer. The tumor was removed though, and subsequent reports stated that she was recovering well.

Meanwhile Roxette's male member Per Gessle has had a VERY successful 2003 with his solo Swedish album "Mazarin" which went 4x Platinum (and 2x Platinum on Blue-Box), and as reported earlier he's reuniting "briefly" with previous Swedish band Gyllene Tider in 2004 for an album and a tour.

As to the future of Roxette - Per has said both he and Marie are planning on continuing, but it all depends on Marie's recovery and how she "feels" in future.

Current exciting news though, is that Marie Fredriksson is planning to release her first ever solo album in English in 2004!

Replied by CHRISTO
Post time: 2004-01-08 03:35:36
Hi daar

Net om julle te laat weet ek bestaan darem nog en geniet elke oomblik hier... al is dit in stilte!

Replied by DrewL
Post time: 2004-01-08 08:22:30
Wow - interesting! Thanx Rohan!

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2004-01-08 10:10:40
Christo - good to see you're still a regular tourist on these waves!

Btw - "silence" is for Gigi D'Agostino maybe (who knows how to make it sound GOOD!), but not for you! (Also wondering what happened to surfers Jannie and Rian... u still out there?)

To DrewL: you're welcome!


From Rohan
post time 2004-01-07 08:11:35
This news on The Daily Roxette:


BRUSSELS - Copy protection of CDs is illegal, claims the Belgian consumer rights organization, Test Aankoop, who sued EMI, BMG, Sony and Universal for copy protecting their CDs. The companies will have to defend their position regarding copy protection in court. "This kind of protection violates the consumers' statutory right to copy. The words 'copy control' do not free the record companies of the law," the organization says in a press release.
According to Test Aankoop today's CD protection misses the target when it comes to hacking and record piracy, while it undermines the consumers' rights to use the CD as they want for private purposes.
Their Norwegian counterpart Forbrukerrådet follows the case closely. "We find it positive that the question has been asked, and we'll monitor the upcoming lawsuit with excitement," Paal Bjönness, legal councelor of Forbrukerrådet says. "This will probably not be the last lawsuit of this kind," Paal continues.
Last year both a French and an Australian consumer rights organization sued record companies.

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2004-01-07 08:21:30
I think this is a good thing, since many people who bought "Copy Protected" CD's complain that it won't play on all their CD players... and it DOESN'T stop people from copying it... in other words it just creates problems!


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