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From Rohan
post time 2003-12-27 14:37:50
Congrats to Delta Goodrem! This week she makes her FIFTH consecutive #1 single in her native Australia!
"Predictable" moves up from 2 to 1 this week, following the #1 positions of its predecessors - Born To Try, Lost Without You, Innocent Eyes and Not Me, Not I.

Her album Innocent Eyes remain at #2 this week - having already gone 13 times Platinum! (I wonder if this beats the previous record by a female artist - Tina Arena's "Don't Ask"?)

Replied by alex
Post time: 2003-12-28 19:25:57
Good going Delta! She deserves it! Leagues ahead of other Australian female singers Natalie Imbruglia, Holly Valance, Tina Arena, Stacie Orrico, Dannii Minogue and even Kylie! Really hope she recovers soon from the illness, though!


From Popmaster
post time 2003-12-27 09:58:07
May I be the first to congratulate Sophie Zelmani on her three Blue-Box wins, as well as Madonna for two. And, I'm delighted about Sarah Whatmore getting the award for Dance Song of the Year.

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2003-12-27 10:45:49
Yes, congrats to Sophie! But Madonna got 4 (not 2)! Also glad for Delta that got two, and Eminem walked away with his first Glove.

Replied by CharlesX
Post time: 2003-12-27 11:09:56
So Madonna actually walked away with the most awards - even though internationally it hasn't been a good year for her! Really glad for her!

Also glad for the Pet Shop Boys who walked away with an award!

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2003-12-27 11:18:26
Sorry - make that FIVE for Madonna! She was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the end of the evening (receiving a standing ovation after performing a medley of Vogue/Like A Prayer/Love Profusion/Nothing Fails... was so touching seeing her cry!)

(It was known from the beginning she would receive this award, so it wasn't listed as a nomination).

Replied by Stephen
Post time: 2003-12-27 12:29:48
Quite interesting! The biggest shock MUST have been that Shania didn't receive ANY!! (Despite having been nominated for 6!)

Replied by DrewL
Post time: 2003-12-27 13:11:24
yay for Eminem!


From Popmaster
post time 2003-12-24 21:59:05
Ultra-Pop greetings! Have a very Merry Christmas - May your Xmas day be special and blessed!

Replied by Fonda Cox
Post time: 2003-12-24 22:09:45
And, from me Fonda! May this Xmas be special, Rohan!

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2003-12-24 23:14:08
Thanks you guys! To you - and my other friends reading this - a very merry Christmas too!

Replied by McMarvyn
Post time: 2003-12-24 23:34:22
To everyone at Blue-Box - Happy Xmas.
(War Is Over) found this fantastic link just now:

Replied by McMarvyn
Post time: 2003-12-24 23:37:34
OK, the link didn't come up as it's supposed to:
Here it is (The VERY HILARIOUS & official "War Is Over" song):

Replied by CharlesX
Post time: 2003-12-25 08:45:19
Merry Xmas!

Just wondering... what's your current fave Xmas song?

And what do u consider 2b the best Xmas albums?

The current winner for me is The Idol's Merry Xmas (War Is Over) - not into THEM, but what a brilliant version!

Best albums:
Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Jewel and Christina Aguilera.

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2003-12-25 09:51:51
Hey - thanx McMarvyn! That's hillarious!
Everyone - if you haven't yet - take the time and check out the above link, it's worth it! See Saddam's version of OutKast's "Hey Ya!"

Also, check out for not only a GREAT music site, but also a very nice EASY, FREE download of Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas Time 2003!" This download will probably not be there long, so hurry!

Mmm... my fave Xmas song at the moment would be The Darkness... "Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End)" - I love it!

I also like the lyrics of "Santa's List" by Cliff Richard - quite agree with it.

Best albums... Boney M's Christmas albums, Mariah Carey (just after "Music Box" she DID do an excellent Xmas album!), Amy Grant and Celine Dion.

Replied by DrewL
Post time: 2003-12-25 11:12:00
Merry X-mas darlings! May there be a lot of icing on your X-mas cake!

Wonderful link McMarvyn! Had quite a laugh!

Song... The Darkness for me too! (u GOTTA love a man in spandex!)

Album... Destiny's Child or the new Whitney Houston!

Replied by Popmaster
Post time: 2003-12-25 11:45:17
Favorite Xmas song:
Santa Baby - Susanne Manning (the Pop Idol that never will be!)
Santa Baby - Madonna
Santa Baby - Kylie Minogue

Favorite Xmas album:
Not one artist in particular - I just love Xmas compilations!

Replied by Stephen
Post time: 2003-12-25 11:46:54
Have you heard the Delta Goodrem version... "Merry X-Mas (Let The War Be Over)"? It's BRILLIANT! Definitely my favourite at the moment!

Like the new Band Aid version on the Ultrapopmix site!

Album? Actually I think they're all a bit too much to listen to at once!

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2003-12-25 20:52:54
Hi Stephen - nice to see you in these waters!


From Fonda Cox
post time 2003-12-23 23:21:56
Yes it's him! I recognize the tattoos from the last time we were together!
(Someone might have edited the pic slightly, 'cause it looks rather "small" behind that huge fire cracker! - I mean, where's the bulge? There's nothing!) Way to go, Robbie! Have had the unedited version of the "Rock DJ" video on repeat for the past few days... And even he hasn't called for a few weeks now (sighs)...

Replied by Fonda Cox
Post time: 2003-12-23 23:23:35
Silly, silly me! Have had a blonde moment there! This is suppose to go with my previous thread!

Replied by DrewL
Post time: 2003-12-24 08:26:50
U have an UNEDITED pic of "Rock DJ"??! Where did u get that?! Ooh - u lucky she-devil! (Sorry to hear he hasn't called in a while, though!)

Replied by Stephen
Post time: 2003-12-24 09:21:52
Yes - it's a real picture. Regarding the "package"... it must have been a bit cold!

Replied by DrewL
Post time: 2003-12-24 10:08:05
Don't care about the "package"...! I'll definitely take one, and I'll be... (Mis-Teeq's first album)


From Fonda Cox
post time 2003-12-23 21:52:14
Oooooooooh, yummy! Can I please order one extra-large Marshall (with additional white sauce) for Xmas lunch! Lovely pic, Webmaster!

Replied by CharlesX
Post time: 2003-12-23 22:15:38
Ha ha! Yeah - quite an interesting pic! Nice one!

Replied by DrewL
Post time: 2003-12-23 22:48:26
Yesss!! I love it!! But where did u get it? Surely he didn't pose for that? Do you think it was fixed? Anyway, it's BRILLIANT!!


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