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From McMarvyn
post time 2003-12-08 23:18:11
Is XTina heading for another Top 10 hit on the Billboard Singles Chart?:
44 57 3 The Voice Within, Christina Aguilera
I certainly hope so, the more I listen to Stripped the more I realize how great she is.
The single is out today in the US, not that it matters, since sales play such a minor part in chart position over there these days.

Replied by alex
Post time: 2003-12-09 09:21:55
Certainly hope so - what a great song! Her only Billboard Top 10 song from "Stripped" had been "Beautiful"... "The Voice Within" is another beautiful ballad, so it's probably just what'll do it! (I love her ballads, but "Genie In A Bottle" remains my favourite of hers!)


From Popmaster
post time 2003-12-06 21:44:13
Re: This year's Blue Glove nominations:

Some great nominations there, Webmaster - I have actually forgotten how fabby the XTina video is!
I'm sure Sophie will walk away with a few 'Gloves' this year - I do miss Kylie's name tho', but that happened earlier this week to the Grammy- & Brit-nominations as well.
Was also wondering what happened to the Remix Production Team Award? However, with Thunderpuss no more, and Metro not showing the goodies, I guess it's only Almighty & Hex Hector left to nominate.

Replied by Webmaster
Post time: 2003-12-07 08:39:54
Hi Popmaster, yeah - the categories decided on each year are those considered to have been "important" enough through the year, due to its impact on music.
Though there was a category for Remixers last year, this year it seems to have been less on the forefront...
Having said that though, Almighty and Hex Hector were probably most influential, though Thunderpuss were also quite popular this year (a pity they had to stop!), and Metro seem to have "lost the plot" somewhere...

It is still possible that categories could be added to the list, so keep a look out!

Replied by McMarvyn
Post time: 2003-12-08 23:26:01
You're right - Thunderpuss were good - the highlights this year were Stacie Orrico's 'Stuck' and LeAnn's 'Tic Toc'. Hex only impressed with Toni Braxton's 'Hit The Freeway' this year (a monster of a mix and one of my favorite mixes of all time). His mixes for Celine Dion 'I Drove All Night' were pretty bland. But right now, Almighty rules in the clubs - they are certainly taken advantage of the 'gap' (about time as well, they've been around forever).


From Rohan
post time 2003-12-06 09:49:28
Sorry - I just couldn't resist it... but I believe give credit where credit is due...
At the review given to the new Pet Shop Boys collection "PopArt - The Hits", is just so much what I agree with!
They give it 10 out of 10 (quite rare indeed!)

I quote:

"Are they the greatest pop act of all time?

It's been a long time coming, but England finally has good cause to crack open the champagne and celebrate. Not because the fraudulent Mr Bush has left our shores, nor even the rugby, but because of the release of this quite astounding record. It states its case clearly and convincingly: the Pet Shop Boys are probably the greatest pop act of all time.

Arriving fully formed with 'West End Girls' - still as sleek, smart and modern as it sounded in 1985 - the PSBs have enjoyed a career of startling consistency and vivid originality, releasing songs that have conquered dancefloors and hearts in every corner of the world. From thrillingly dramatic disco numbers ('It's A Sin', 'Always On My Mind') to subtle melancholia ('Suburbia', 'What Have I Done To Deserve This'), if you haven't fallen in love with at least one of these songs you are probably disturbed, deaf or dead.

The disc is split into two sides - 'Pop' and 'Art' - but this is a typical PSB red herring. Nothing on the 'Pop' side is as straightforwardly upbeat as the division suggests (try the mournful minimalism of 'It's Alright'), while every track on the 'Art' side bristles with hooks and nagging melodies (try the epic electronica of 'So Hard').

Where a greatest hits album often fails - particularly a double - is in the lesser known songs, but here 'Pop Art' triumphs. 'Love Comes Quickly' from 1985 (a flop by their standards) remains their most gorgeous love song, an ecstatic deep-bassed swoon they never quite equalled, though 1994's haunting, low key 'Liberation' came close. 'Can You Forgive Her', on the other hand is a seething, bittersweet masterpiece of slashing strings and deadpan asides - "she's made you some kind of laughing stock/ Because you dance to disco and you don't like rock."

Only one criticism of the PSBs has ever stuck, and it's the old chestnut about their so-called irony. Whilst the slur applies to the kitschy cover of 'Go West' (one of just two so-so tracks, with the clattering 'Single Bilingual'), it's generally a grand injustice. It's impossible to doubt the sincerity behind 'Being Boring''s heartbroken love song to lost youth or the brooding unhappiness of 'Jealousy'. And if the sprightly 'I Get Along' imagines Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson's relationship as a doomed gay love affair, that's called wit, not irony.

It's sadly true that in recent years the Pet Shop Boys have faded commercially, although new track 'Miracles' has a sunny simplicity that may change that. Even if this is the last thing they record, however, the Pet Shop Boys have been one the few acts to push at the boundaries of pop, doing so with style, imagination, wit and love. 'Pop Art' is an essential, not a luxury."

Jamie Gill

Replied by CharlesX
Post time: 2003-12-06 15:20:38
Bought my copy last week, and I must say... it DOES bring back memories...! I agree with the sentiment that every self-respecting music fan should have this in their collection. Quite brilliant!


From Fonda Cox
post time 2003-12-04 20:55:20
Hi everone - Here's this week's Top5 in the USA, and finally, the first Number 1 since 50 Cent's "In Da Club" that I can relate to!

01 (02) OutKast - Hey Ya
02 (01) Ludacris feat. Shawna - Stand Up
03 (04) OutKast - The Way You Move
04 (12) Kelis - Milkshake
05 (03) Beyonce feat. Sean Paul - Baby Boy

Replied by alex
Post time: 2003-12-05 08:59:20
Yeah!! A hip hop band with a very un-hip hop song - and it ROCKS!! Brilliant video too!

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2003-12-06 08:57:20
Oh how the big stars are falling...! The next year doesn't seem to be a repeat of the previous, as some of the biggest names show very disappointing sales.... In the US the latest releases by Michael Jackson, Kid Rock, Pink, Enrique Iglesias, Red Hot Chili Peppers, LeAnn Rimes and J-Lo to mention but a few, are performing considerably worse on the charts than before (and with most of them the same seems to be happening internationally...)
The latest Enrique album has debuted at a low #31 in America (as opposed the #2 position of "Escape" two years ago!) - even lower than last year's Latin offering "Quizas".
What is going on?

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2003-12-06 09:30:35
Glad about this week's US #1...
The problem with the US charts at the moment, I think is that it's mostly based on airplay, and not on sales as much... As a result many singles that sell very well never even reach the chart (and many of these singles are POP!)
One such example was Jewel's "Stand" which was the third best selling single a while ago, but never made the Top 100... does that sound RIGHT?! (Another example was Madonna's "Hollywood" single from earlier the year).

And now this week Michael Jackson's new single "One More Chance" is the second best selling single in the US, but on the Top 100 only climbs from #95 to #83!
I think they should make the charts based on 50% airplay and 50% sales... that would make a more representative chart, don't you think?


From Boertjie
post time 2003-12-05 16:19:36
Hi Everyone!

Not much to say, other than you guys seem very busy!

Waar's al die boertjies heen, Jannie en vennote het julle almal die skip verlaat en laat nou ons pragtige eiland swig onder die soutie aanslag. Gelukkig vir die rooinekkies was Generaal Boer (ja, ek is bevorder) baie druk besig om die papiertjies in gelid te hou, en kon ek hulle nie in bedwang hou nie!! Die dag sal wel kom wat die groot Boer weer die eilande sal terug eis vir my en my mede patriote, idiote en sielsgenote.

Groete - die Boer!

Replied by Rohan
Post time: 2003-12-05 19:00:52
Yup - you're truly ONE OF A KIND, Boertjie!


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